CEO Welcome Letter

Letter from the CEO

Dear colleague:

I welcome you to join Neo-Elite and become a member of our family. I hope this decision will be a key step for your personal and professional development.

An old Chinese principle says that we should strive to balance our strength as an individual and our tolerance as a group member. Through our own development, Neo-Elite has formed a corporate value of "Mutual Benefit" and channeled this value into our mission of "Educating People, Leading the Future". In order to achieve this mission, everyone in our family needs to actively promote the corporate spirit of "Diligence, Dedication, Loyalty and Gratitude". With a sense of ownership and responsibility to hold up our mission, each of us is a big part of our family, working diligently and making meaningful contributions. In this way, we can continuously improve ourselves as individuals while developing together as a company.

I believe that we will be proud of these youthful days in Neo-Elite when we look back in a few years, because we have indeed kept pursuing our goal to improve the world.