Hong Kong Neo-Elite Group was founded in 2003. After more than ten years of steady development, It has grown into a comprehensive education group withyoung childrens English education, Which integrates training, Research and development, Online education, International STEAM education, Intelligence hardware, AI cloud learning platform and other event activities.

My World English for Young Learners

As the leading brand in AI education, Neo-Elite has created a unique holistic approach called AIO2O (AI interactive learning + online education + offline teaching). The approach brings offline My World lessons and online Neo-Talk platform together, with contributions from Trinity College London, Pearson Education Group, and Macmillan Publishing. This is being rolled out across all campuses.

I·STEAM Creative Education

From Neo-Elite's 10 years of experience in young learners' education and based off practices from the Center for Education Innovation, I·STEAM has developed high-quality teaching resources and growth plans for children. I·STEAM is committed to cultivating the core competencies for 21st century citizens.

Neo-Talk Online Education

Neo-Talk is an online course for young learners aged 5-12 with experienced native English teachers. It provides each child a 1-to-1 interactive online classroom to improve their oral English from the comfort of their home.
Neo-Talk is a useful resource for test preparation for exams like GESE, IELTS, and TOEFL.