Jacky Chen
Chairman of Group

Master of Business Administration, Peking University
Vice President of Alumni Association of HSBC Business School, Peking University
Director of National Training Department of Specialized Committee, China Education Association
University of Trinity College, Mainland China, London, UK
Executive Director of National Foreign Language Research and Training

Stephen Shi
Vice President

Bachelors from Electronic Science and Technology University
General Manager of Marketing and Operations
Senior Marketing Specialist

Chris Jiang
Vice President

Bachelors from Minzu University of China 
Director of Sichuan Youth League
 organizing committee 
Teaching in Disney schools of China 
Chief consultant in Southwest China

Angela Zhang
General Manager of Administration

Anhui University postgraduate
Senior English Education Specialist for children
Psychological Counseling Teacher
Experience in team management and operations

William Huang
Secretary General of West Point

Born in Taiwan, expert in Chinese education
Teaching management of training industry in Taiwan, parent-child communication consultant, practitioner in teaching of global big data, and consultant specializing in global innovative teaching methods

Parker Bai
General Manager of Branding

More than 10 years of marketing experience, in brand marketing,
Internet marketing, marketing promotion, operations management.